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Our work performance can be compared with the performance of American cars. Such a car with 30,000 miles on its odometer still runs great on almost any terrain. It is like a 30-year old employee or business owner, who is able to endure a lot of stress and still functions adequately under most strenuous working conditions. The same car will continue performing after 40,000-50,000 thousand miles of exploitation, but it will already require a lot of repairs. Such cars can be compared to 40-50 year old employees or business owners, who begin to show significant wear and tear due to working under conditions inappropriate to their type.

What about these shining antique cars in perfect conditions, manufactured in 1940s and 1950s? With two to three hundred thousand miles on them, how come they are in such good condition, compared with your Ford, Dodge or Chevrolet? The answer is simple. These cars were perfectly maintained and never used under severe conditions.

People in their midlife, who choose their career or business according to their personality type, function under conditions for which they were born to function. Just like perfectly maintained old American cars, not only will these people be able to work way beyond their retirement, they will also find personal fulfillment in the process.

Unfortunately, the opposite will be equally true. Those of us in midlife who continue to work under conditions not appropriate for their personality type are likely to start rapidly deteriorating physically and psychologically. No amount of monetary compensation or work related health insurance could compensate for this loss of health, vitality and the reduction of your life span.

Midlife can be an exciting time to unleash your highest creative potential. Now is the time to ignite your creativity in discovering new and better ways to make a living. If you are in search of a new career, want to start your own business, or unemployed, check my book, Midlife Career Change.