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Our process can assist you to discover your Destiny, the path to the ultimate fulfillment in life. It will enable you to think outside the box, provide motivation and keep you on track on your life journey. The best way to find out if our process will work for you and make it more effective is to start with our e-book.


These customized consultations aim to assist you in making informed decisions regarding your path to the ultimate fulfillment. They can be conducted via Skype, phone or email. Other ways of communication may be arranged.

Self-inventory: to conduct your self-inventory, you need to purchase our e-book Discover Your Life Purpose.

Evaluation is 1.5-hour consultation used to evaluate the findings of your self-inventory and direct you to your unique career path.

An Astrological Reading is optional for those who believe in astrology. It can pinpoint your life purpose more precisely than any other methods. For best results you need to know you exact time and place of birth.

Ongoing Support is 1-hour consultations, designed to track your progress, give you additional directions and answer your questions. Usually, no more than four consultations are required.

Please, prepay corresponding option for this consultation. You will receive an email confirmation once your payment is completed. I will contact you shortly for additional information and/or to schedule an appointment. If you have additional questions you submit them using the Free Initial Consultation form on the top of this page.

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